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Gert Jan Bestebreurtje Rare Books
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Gert Jan Bestebreurtje


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ADELPHUS, Johannes. Die Türckisch Chronica von irem ursprung anefang und regiment/ biss uff dise zeyt/ sampt irem kriegen und streyten mit den christen begangen/ erbärmklich zu lesen. Strassburg, Johann Knobloch, 1516.
Folio. Old vellum. With 26 half-page woodcuts (7 repeats). 48 lvs.
First published in 1513 - A extensively illustrated Turkish chronicle from its beginnings to 1500, with special emphasis on the crusades. The work records the first Ottoman siege of Rhodos in 1480.
The beautiful woodcuts show battles and other scenes from the Middle East, presenting Ottomans, European kings and noblemen, and crusaders bearing the cross on their clothes and banners. Some woodcuts show a perspective and style reminiscent of mediaeval art, while others are good examples of Renaissance work showing modern perspective and rendering each figure with personal character. (Koc I, p 27).
Johannes Adelphus (1485-1523) was a phycisian from Strassbourg. He took a keen interest in Turkish affairs, producing also a Historia von Rhodis (Strassbourg 1513). He depicted the Ottomans primarily as a military force marching on horses and attacking cities and islands. (Hajdarpasic 2018)
Göllner 80 (seltene Druck); not in Weber, Blackmer or Atabey.
Exhibitor: Gert Jan Bestebreurtje Rare Books

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