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(METEREN, EMANUEL van) - FRANS HOGENBERG (ILLUSTR. (Historia, Unnd Abcontrafeytungh, fürnemlich der Niederlendischer geschichten, und Kriegss hendeln, mit höchstem fleiss beschrieben durch Merten von Maneuel) (1. Theil) - Historiæ, Unnd Abcontrafeytung fürnemblich der Niederländischer Geschichten und Kriegshändelen. der Andere Theil mit höchstem fleiss beschrieben, durch D.M.M. (2. Theil). (Buch I-VIII und Buch IX-XVII, alles). Small folio. (28x19 cm.). Contemporary full Dutch vellum over wood, rectangular blind-toolings and blind-tooled centrepieces on covers. Raised bands. Lower corners bumped. A little soiling and brownspots to covers, a few tears and scratches. Internally fine, a few marginal dampstains and a few brownspots, light yellowing to a few quires. There is no standard-collation for this work, so here follows a collation in detail for this copy.
Collation Erster Theil: Lacking engraved title. - pp. 1-16 (of ?). - Buch 1-2: 121 + (1) pp., 2 portraits and 21 plates. (lacks pp. 93-94, a plate supposed to be printed on verso ?) - Buch 3: 48 + (2) pp. (mixed roman and arabic numbering), 1 portrait and 14 plates. - Buch 4: 65 + (1) pp. (mixed roman and arabic numbering, faults in pagination), 21 plates. - Buch 5: 57 + (1) pp., 1 portrait and 11 plates. - Buch 6: (1) + 51 pp. and 16 plates. - Buch 7: (1), 39 + (1) pp., 1 portrait and 9 plates. - Buch 8: 51 + (1) pp. and 19 plates - "Register" to 1-8: (10) pp.
Collation Andere Theil: Engraved title, showing the re-use of the first title by means of a new printed title-label pasted onto the old lettering in middle of the ornamental engraved title. - Buch 9: (1), 59 + (1) pp., 1 portrait and 6 plates. - Buch 10: (2), 97 + (1) pp., 1 portrait and 12 plates. - Buch 11: (2), 63 + (1) pp. and 10 plates. - Buch 12: 87 + (1) pp., 2 portraits and 18 plates. - Buch 13: 84 pp., 3 portraits and 15 plates. - Buch 14: 83 pp. and 7 plates. - Buch 15: 71 pp., 1 portrait and 6 plates. - Buch 16: 83 + (1) pp. and 16 plates. - Buch 17: 89 + (1) pp., 1 portrait and 7 plates (5 double-page, 2 single-page).
In all 13 engraved portraits and 208 (of 209 ?) double-page engraved plates by Frans Hogenberg (2 plates single-page). 2 portraits shaved in margin and with tear to centrefold. On the Hogenberg-plates used for this work all the engraved lettering has been erased from bottom of the copper-plates, leaving the engraved plates with no text. The plates are printed on verso of text and are unnumbered. (Measuring ab. 20/22 x 28/30 cm.).
Extremely scarce first edition and the only edition of this main historical source work illustrated by engravings from Frans Hogenberg's "Geschichtsblätter". When W.D. Verduyn wrote his book on Van Meteren's historical work in 1926, he could only find one copy in German and Dutch libraries, and no library had both parts of the work. He states that the only known copy of the first part was in "Stadsbibliotheek te Elbing bij Danzig" (p. 165) and the only known copy of the second part was found in "Koninglijke Bibliotheek in Den Haag" (p. 167), now the library has both parts. - It is unknown to Graesse where the German edition from Hamburg 1596/97 is wrongly called first edition. - Not in Adams; not in Brunet, -though he lists many editions, he does not have this one; not in BMC, which only lists the unillustrated edition from 1596.
The work ran through many editions in German, Dutch, Latin etc. and was supplemented with descriptions of recent incidents and developments up to 1618, many of these editions were illustrated, not by sceneries but by engraved portraits. Van Meteren (1535-1612) was a Flemish historian and Consul for "The Traders of the Low Countries" in London in which position he was able to collect much information. In this work he became a chronicler of the events of his time, a first-hand eyewitness to the events in the wars in the Low Countries, here covering the 40 years between 1555 and 1595. The work stands as one of the main sources for the history of these great 16th Century revolutions.
Van Meteren was a cousin to the great carthographer Abraham Ortelius, and it was Ortelius who convinced him to put to use the documents about the wars which he had collected, and to write their story. The whole history of the printing of this first edition is very obscure and partly unclarified. Van Meteren brought his manuscript to Germany in order to have it illustrated, but somehow it appeared in print as this German translation, illustrated by Hogenberg's "Geschichtsblätter", but unauthorized; Van Meteren himself disclaimed this edition and finally had his original manuscript published in Delft in 1599.
Frans Hogenberg, engraver and publisher together with Braun of "Civitatis Orbis Terrarum" 1572 ff. and responsible for many maps in Ortelius's Atlas, published his "Geschichtsblätter" between 1564 and 1631 in the form of pictures documenting contemporary events - and here we have a happy unification of text and illustration.
The plates, from which the original engraved text at the bottom of the pictures has been erased for this work, depict town-views from the Low Countries and Germany (Antwerpen, Brussel, Nimwegen, Neuss, Geldern, Rheinberg, Köln, Bonn etc.etc.), sceneries from daily life, battles and sieges, cities surrounded by armies, processions, coronations, festivals etc. etc.
W.D. Verduyn: Emanuel van Meteren. s'Gravenhage, 1926. - NBG. - Not in Adams, Graesse, Brunet or BMC.
Exhibitor: Herman H. J. Lynge & Søn A/S

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