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[SHALYAPIN (Chaliapin), Fyodor] Original photograph of F. Shalyapin signed by him with musical notes: «Try if you want! F. Shalyapin. Msc. 22/XII/98». Moscow, 1898. 15,7?10,6 cm. Photographed in the studio by V. Chekhovsky.
Early Shalyapin?s autographs are very rare.
Fyodor Ivanovich Shalyapin (1873-1938) was a remarkable Russian opera singer whose vivid declamation, great resonance, and dynamic acting made him the best-known singer-actor of his time. He was very involved in his international carrier, and he had a great impact on the world of opera singing. In 1896-1899 he sang in opera house of Savva Mamontov. Those four seasons made him famous as he developed a lot and moved to performing first parts and solos.
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