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beautiful watercolour by American artist living in Paris
WALT LOUDERBACK (1887-1941). Original watercolour - Artists and Art critics along the Seine in Paris. Beautiful original watercolour in a cubistic, French Russian style by Walt Louderback (1887-1941). (Paris), ca. 1928-1930. Large size, ca. 53 x 36.5 cm.

Beautiful and very large original watercolour by Walt Louderback (1887-1941), American artist and illustrator. He exhibited several times at the renowned "International Water Color Exhibition" at the Art Institute in Chicago. During the 1920s and 1930s, he lived in Europe, and was married to his 2nd wife in Paris. He experimented with modernist and Cubist painting. As war loomed, Louderback and his family left Europe in May 1939.
All his life he had been a prolific illustrator. He illustrated books by one of the most popular authors of the day, James Oliver Curwood (1878-1927), and worked for the Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Hearst's International, and other popular magazines. Many of those stories were also printed in hardbound editions with Louderback's illustrations. He delivered his assignments to New York by surface vessel.

According to his orbituary of 1941: "(...) he was widely known throughout the United States and Europe as a painter and illustrator, (..) he attended Michigan University for two years after which he entered the Chicago Art School and made painting and illustrating his life work. For a number of years he was illustrator for James Oliver Curwood, writer of Alaskan and Canadian tales. Later, he illustrated for Vincente Blanco Ibanez of Spain, author of "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse."
Mr. Louderback exhibited his paintings in many countries including the principal academies of Europe. For a number of years he lived in Monte Carlo, Monaco and on the island of Baleares off the coast of Spain, also in France and Switzerland. Many of his paintings won first prizes in leading exhibits all over the world. Eleven years ago (=1930) he exhibited fifty-five paintings composed of character and landscape at the National Museum of Art in Madrid, Spain, and in the International Art Exhibit in Paris, France ...".

In 1936 the University of Michigan could choose as a gift from Louderback, one watercolour from a group of 25 which were previously exhibited at the Chicago International Water Color Exhibition. They choose the also French themed: "The Unemployed' - France". Our work is a beautiful watercolour, a fine example of his rare to find personal artwork.
Exhibitor: Antiquariaat Acanthus

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