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Demian Books
Hendrik Conscienceplein 16-18
B-2000 Antwerpen


René Franken


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Writing and drawing experiments under the influence of hallucinogens. 9 files in wooden box. Package of manuscripts and drawings, in multi-coloured felt-tip pen (1,077 sheets).
Gust Gils Hall. 1969-1970. Following the example of Henri Michaux, Belgian author Gust Gils (1924-2002) investigated the effect of drug use on his consciousness, writing and drawing. He experimented with various drugs, especially LSD, and accurately described the origin and course of the intoxication while allowing his creativity to wander free. The majority of the trips described here took place in the last months of 1969 and in January 1970. These experiences are a directly written report of a personal experiment. Euphoria, madness, sensation, beauty, love, insight, doubt, vulnerability, fear and the impulse of the unseen, alternate rapidly.

A four-page introduction in manuscript shows that, despite the risk of such a project, Gils intended to write his personal drug book.

(in Dutch) - Dedicated to whoever wants to read this. Including the gentlemen equally sharp of mind as narrow-minded, who will determine whether or not the content of this book, with its necessary open admission of illegal practices, exposes the writer to persecution. -

The drug book was never realized, but the remaining "hall." reports give a bright glimpse into Gils' hallucinogenic world. Material for literary and psychological research. An awesome piece of counterculture!
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